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If you need help with your Dogs Behaviour Issuses - Contact Jo!

I will show you how to change your dogs behaviour without the use of food, toys, reward or fear. My Dog Behaviour Training Methods are very different to other Dog Trainers, and I get results, quickly!

Dog walking with 4 dogsDog Whisperer Leicester was founded by Jo Sault, B.Sc who is an expert Canine Behaviourist and Dog Trainer. Jo has dedicated her life to her pack and has been training dogs since she was 8 years old! 'I have been arond dogs all of my life and I have a 'special connection' and a natural ability to communicate with canines. I've owned and trained many breeds of dogs, who have all been trained to a very high standard, due to my expertise and attention to detail!'

Jo runs Dog Whisperer Leicester and is the Managing Director/Head Trainer. Jo is in charge of all of the training in the training school.

I work with owners to help them to  understand their dog better. I have built up a fantastic reputation over the years, which I am very proud of, helping countless owners with difficult and aggressive dogs, which on many occassions, their owners were on the verge of re-homing. Much of my work is through referals.

Every situation is unique and I help to train and rehibilitate 1000s of dogs (and their owners) every year! I am passionate about each individual dog that I see and I have a deep understanding for problem dogs and their psychology and behaviour. I also have a sound knowledge of canine nutrition - the food your dog eats has a massive impact on their behaviour.

I own and have owned a number of different breeds of dogs! To name a few, Zac, a five year old Rottweiller (my daddy!!), Abba, a six year old German Shepherd, Jade, an eight year old Boxer, Holly, an eight year old German Wirehaired Pointer, Jess, a six year old Patterdale! Other breeds I have lived and worked with include, Border Terriers, Springer Spaniels, Bullmastiffs, Yorkshire Terriers & Poodles.

Every dog is unique! I have a comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience with many breeds, and their characteristics! This is vital, in understanding how to manage and modify a dogs behaviour!

Whether you need help with your Collie, Golden Retriver, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or any other breed, I will work with you in the ENVIRONMENT where the problem exists. That may be at home, out on a walk, in your car etc. Being involved with your dogs training can help you to rebuild a new and more fullfilling relationship with your dog!

I have helped to rehibilitate many 'red zone' cases. In some of these cases it has been necessary for these dogs to be introduced and 'live in' with my well balanced pack of dogs.

2 dog walkers walking  7 dogsI have a lifetimes experience of living and working with a pack of dogs - many different breeds, shapes and sizes! I deal with dog psychology on a daily basis which enables me to connect with the dogs mind and natural instincts. I have observed my own pack of dogs for many years - in the pack there are only two main roles - LEADER OR FOLLOWER!

Healthy, balanced dogs require a strong Pack Leader!

If you don't become your dogs Pack Leader - he will assume this role and try to control and dominate you!

A dog will accept a human as his pack leader if that human projects calm, assertive energy and sets solid rules, boundaries and limitations. In a dogs world recieving only affection upsets his balance. I can help you gain the skills required to develop your relationship with your dog through greatly enhanced obedience skills, once learnt, these skills will last a lifetime.

Our Services

2 dogs on sandWe offer a number of services including..

  • Behavioural Counselling/Modification.
  • Live in Residential Dog Training.
  • Home Visits - to help you with your dogs Behaviour Issues.
  • One to One Training to help with Behavioural Issues.
  • One to One Obedience Training.
  • Rescue Dog Training.
  • Puppy Training.



One to One Training and Residential Training School are based near to Cropston, Leicestershire. We are ten minitutes from J23 of the M1.

Contact Us

You can contact me, Jo Sault between the hours of 8.30am - 5pm Monday to Sunday, for bookings, enquiries, Residential Training, One to One Training and Home Visits.

We are fully insured and licenced.


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